Re: Desi / thinking maybe a abscess

Deb Walker

How frustrating Bobby, and especially disappointing with the vet postponing for such a lengthy time.

IMHO, that is not something to put a horse down for. It appears to my non-professional eye to be an abscess, or a rub, or she hurt herself on something. If she is alert and eating/drinking, I hope someone can help you get to the bottom of this, because she just hurts...she doesn't sound like she has given up.

I know you might be in an area where horse vets are few and far between? But if it were Scotty, I would be calling every vet in the area to get out within a reasonable amount of time, which waiting 5 days is not reasonable in my opinion.

Sending hugs. It's so hard to see our babies hurting.
Deb and Scotty I/R, PPID
Pecatonica Illinois, May 13, 2019
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