fleas on horses

Trisha DePietro

Hi all. I found fleas on one of my horses last evening...while combing through her mane I noticed them slipping in and out of hairs and jumping around. They are definitely fleas...I have never seen fleas on horses before and I thought fleas are species dependent....ie dog fleas live on dogs and cat fleas live on cats....and they don't cross species. I do have a goat, but he is in a different area and away from the horses...and they usually get keds, not fleas. So, has anyone experienced this in the past? and what did you do for it? I still have to examine my other horse to see if she has them too. Their environment is really dry except for their wetspot in the dry lot. I did call my vet and he said its rare to see fleas on horses and usually its in the feathers of the draft breeds...or the mane of a draft breed- because there is so much hair to hide in. Any thoughts? Thanks. Trisha
Trisha DePietro
Aug 2018
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