Re: Thrush again

Rhonda Turley

My horse had suffered from chronic thrush for the last 4 years off and on.  My farrier recommended iodine which i diligently applied but it always came back.So fast forward to present day and my horse is diagnosed with PPID and EMS.I started him on Prascend on April 25.    I found Dr. Kellon's diet and put him on it  I started him on Mad Barn AminoTrace+ on June 10 (its on her list) and the difference was immediate.  Next day he seemed better, brighter.  Within a week his thrush was healing.  I added the rest of the diet  in.  He has had no thrush since.
Rhonda Turley
Brampton, Ontario
April 2020
Scooter and Rhonda     

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