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Mary Ann,
The ESC and Starch levels are what you want to consider. This hay has ESC of 3.1 and starch of 2.09. Combine those numbers and you have 5.2 (rounded up). This is nicely low. You want the ESC and Starch to be below 10%, ideal is even lower so the 5.2 % is very safe.

Brans just are not safe to feed to an IR horse because they are HIGH in starch. An average starch level for Wheat Bran is aprox 22 % which is dangerously high. Rice Bran averages 73 %! A very safe feed for calories is soy hulls, starch levels average under 2 %. Soyhulls can also be found in compressed pellets. I fed them moistened to my IR horse for years.

I'm sure you'll get additional advice from our experienced moderators and members.
Bonnie Snodgrass 07-2016

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