New pretrim pictures posted for mark-ups #photo

Judy and Bugsy

Hi All,

I'm very very happy with Bugsy's progress.  We went for a barefoot pasture ride for the first time this past week and he moved very well and no side effects after.  When doing a short walk on gravel, he is still looking to walk on the grass on the side and he is still doing some slight shifting when standing still on a hard surface, so we aren't quite there yet but MASSIVE improvements thanks to the generous and knowledgeable people on this site!  Thank-you!  I've posted updated pretrim photos in my album and I'm hoping that Lavinia will be able to do mark-ups by Tuesday when the farrier is here.  The mark-ups have been such a tremendous help and we are learning so much from them.  Thank-you Lavinia!

I've done extra vertical rasping on the flares and more bevel since the 'official' trim at the beginning of August, but the bevel almost seems to disappear after awhile. There is still a fair bit of sole buildup at the toes on the front feet and the hoof wall cracked on the RF side. 

I am no longer soaking in apple cider vinegar nor packing with the goo.  Is this OK, or should I continue soaking and packing?  

Thanks again for everyone's help and support.  I have encouraged other horse owners that are struggling with unhealthy hooves to check out this site since it has helped us soooo much.  


Judy and Bugsy

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Feb. 25, 2020


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