Re: Finding the right dose of Prascend

Sherry Morse

Hi Megan,

The irritability could be related to the Pergolide veil or may just be a coincidence.  You could try adding APF in and see if that helps, but 16 days into the 1mg dose and being that we're in the fall rise I don't know what I'd want to back off the dose, start adding APF and then increasing the dose again. 

The only way to know if he can remain on a dosage of .5mg would be to put him back down to that now and retest him in 3 weeks and see what his ACTH level is on that dose.  If it's still high (or higher than expected since we're in the fall rise) you'd need to bump him back up to the 1mg and then retest after another 3 weeks to see where he is.

We try to keep horses in the teens or 20s if at all possible. You can retest in the spring to see if the dose is controlling ACTH or needs to be adjusted up.

Figs seem to average 8g of sugar per fig so I'd try to go for the smallest piece possible or see if he'll eat it in a carrot or something else with a lower sugar content.

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