Re: Current Sinking Founder- 7yr Pony

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Victoria,

Obviously, it's hard to see the radiographs clearly but there doesn't appear to be much bony column rotation at all. Maybe a slight amount on the LF. There is capsular rotation present, which is a different thing. Sole depth is definitely thin but if the dorsal wall markers were placed correctly, there isn't any actual sinking. Was she standing on each leg when the rads were taken?

If you can't get her to eat the meds, syringe everything in.

Although the hay analysis was done via NIR analysis, the mineral portion is via wet chem so that is accurate. The iron in this hay is high so shake the hay out well before feeding it. Ideally, also rinse it before you soak it. If she won't eat anything else, feed her the rinsed/soaked hay for now as she needs to eat. IF it is high nitrate, the soaking will remove some of that as well as lower sugars.

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