Re: Concerned and Seeking Advice

Sherry Morse

Hello Barbara,

Welcome to the group.

A bit of housekeeping to start - can you please add the link to your CH folder to your signature: as well as the link to your photo album:

To do that:

1) Go to this link:

2) Look at the bottom of that page for the window where you typed your name and location.

3) Add the link to your folder and then make sure you make it "live". Adding a space after your link or hitting enter on your keyboard will turn it blue.

4) IMPORTANT: Scroll to the bottom and hit SAVE!

Now as far as Eden - looking at your CH she is currently 115lbs overweight.  We recommend feeding either 1.5% of current weight OR 2% of ideal weight - whichever is greater - until ideal weight is reached.  That includes all hay and concentrates.  For horses suspected of being IR or PPID we do not recommend grass (more on this in the Diet section below).  So Eden should be eating no more than 15 pounds a day which appears to be the amount you have her on now.  Since you can get Triple Crown products we recommend Naturals Timothy Balance Cubes as they are mineral balanced and you won't need to provide any other minerals for her. The Safe Starch forage may or may not provide all the vitamins and minerals that she needs.  The other option is to have the hay you're planning on feeding her tested and then having the hay balanced to make sure she's getting all the nutrients she needs in her diet.

For a definitive diagnosis of IR or PPID (although 6 would be unusually young for PPID to be an issue it wouldn't be completely unheard of) you need to have a full metabolic panel run including insulin, glucose and ACTH.  Do you have an actual number for the glucose test that your vet did run? One of the most important things to remember is that you are Eden's advocate and if you want to pay the vet to run bloodwork they should do it, even if they think it will show nothing.  BEFORE doing that though, please read the "Diagnosis" section below and make sure you check the directions on the website - - to get the most bang for your buck.

As far as the injury - has she been evaluated to make sure that everything is completely healed internally?  Is her muscling now even on both sides - the picture you posted makes it hard to tell.  It would be really helpful if you could get a full set of hoof photo posted because she appears to have some pretty significant event lines on her hooves.

With all that being said, what follows is our basic welcome letter.  It's a lot of information so feel free to take notes and ask questions once you've read through it all.

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