Re: ALCAR questions

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

The dose is 1 g/100 lbs of body weight. You can divide it between meals.  More isn't harmful but it may not help, especially with cold induced pain.  The ALCar helps with neuropathic pain which is pain that is exaggerated due to changes in the nerves and spinal cord. Those changes have been documented in horses with chronic laminitis.

Yes, it's safe long term.

I don't recall any horses whose pain has responded that quickly. ALCar does have other effects, particularly in improving muscle function. Do you know what the horse side of his parentage was? I'm wondering if he has a myopathy that it is helping.

Don't worry about it masking pain. If he's limping, he still feels pain. It only helps specifically with neuropathic pain.
Eleanor in PA 
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