UK bloodwork results help for Red and Kim

Kim Bergin

Hi there,

I have just uploaded an updated case history form with blood work results and updated the photo album with xrays (although I'm currently missing RF lateral xray view). Please can someone with experience of UK measurements take a look at the bloodwork results and let me know what your diagnosis is? The EMS calculator says High Insulin responder with MIRG only. What does this mean?

ACTH levels did come back high but because the insulin blood levels were lab normal our vet said not to worry?

He is currently still on 11kg soaked hay per 24 hours but is moving very nicely on both hard and soft surfaces. He is not on any painkillers. He is stabled during the day but at night is out on his own in our 20m X 40m sand arena with freedom to roam between haynets.

Until we understand more about the blood results we are not sure how to progress from here?

Kim Bergin UK 2020

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