Re: Current Sinking Founder- 7yr Pony

Kirsten Rasmussen

Good to hear!

Ideally you would taper off the NSAIDS so there is no rebound effect, which can increase pain.  The jiaogulan and Devil's Claw can be started anytime, even while on NSAIDS. 
From our files:

Start tapering by keeping the current dose the same but stretching out the intervals between doses. E.g.:START: 2 grams bute once a day
DAY 1 through 3 of Taper: 2 grams every 36 hours
DAY 4 through 6 of Taper: 2 grams every 48 hours
DAY 7: 1.5 grams every 48 hours
DAY 8: 1.0 gram every 48 hours 
DAY 9: 0.5 gram once, then stop

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