Re: Thoughts on laminitis episode for Canadian mare

Sherry Morse

Hi Pat,

While Willow is very cute there is definitely a bit too much of her to love.  If her current weight is 1200 her ideal is probably closer to 1100 (or less).  Based on that she should be eating no more than 22 pounds TOTAL per day - including hay and concentrates.  You can read the diet section of the website for information on this -

You have her current intake listed as 25 - 30 pounds of hay a day and she appears to still be out on grass for some period of time as well. At this point, until she's lost weight and her feet issues are resolved, the best thing you can do for her is get her into a dry lot or she needs to wear a completely closed muzzle when she is turned out and obviously this should only be for very short periods of time as she'll need to be able to drink which won't be possible with the closed muzzle.  Then her hay needs to be weighed and she needs to be limited to the 22 pounds a day so she can start to safely lose weight.  If the hay isn't tested please follow the information in the emergency diet and make sure it's soaked before being fed to her. 

Information on the bloodwork that you need to request from the vet is in the welcome email Kirsten already provided but I think it's a very good guess that she's IR and getting her diet and trim in order will go a long way to helping her feel better.  Until she's had time to adjust to the new trim I would not be forcing her to do any exercise and there's nothing wrong with leaving her in boots so she's comfortable enough to move around on her own.

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