Re: THIRD TRY.... Dosing of Kaolin-Pectate

martha williams

Our elderly Quarter Horse had had diarrhea for years. A year ago We called a brilliant new IM VMD vet in our area. Among other things, she took a rectal biopsy and discovered IBD.
(She also did a peritoneal tap to check for cancer). Horse was given a long course of metronidazole (for IBD). In addition
he was given full tube ProbioticWise paste daily for a short time, which has been reduced to 1/4 tube daily for maintenance.
We give 1 ounce high quality fish oil (from KER) AM & PM (anti- inflammatory)....
His Forage is Timothy Balance Cubes, soaked very soft, and TC
Safe Starch Forage. NO coarse long fiber hay.
He gets Stabul 1 and 1 & 1/2 mg Pergolide (Pet Health). (For previously high ACTH.)
He’s been doing great consistently. A most happy fella!
We think Accurate diagnosis is the best thing. Can’t usually treat effectively without knowing exactly what you’re dealing with....:.
(We assume your vet has carefully checked for parasites?)
Good luck!
Williams/Dubrow. ‘O8

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