Re: New, Overwhelmed, seeking help for my OTTB

Kirsten Rasmussen

Great, put what you know in it for now!  I would definitely call the clinic and politely insist on copies of all test results and radiographs on your horse.  If it was free, they would have benefited from the data in some way (either reimbursed by a research group or drug company, or its part of a study they are involved in).  You can post a PDF of the test results in the same folder as your Case History.

If he truly is positive for PPID, the only option is treatment with pergolide.  Dietary changes are also important if their insulin is high due to the PPID and they are at risk for laminitis, but the only thing that helps slow the progression and severity of the disease is medication.  We have had members describe what it's like to lose a horse to untreated or uncontrollable PPID eventually, if they aren't euthanized for severe founder first, both are heart-breaking to watch.  Along with PPID, there are lots of secondary issues like hyper-reactivity to allergic stimuli (ranging from goopy eyes to hives from insect bites), increased risk of tendon/ligament injury, compromised immune system (which reduces the effectiveness of vaccines), and so on....these things resolve once PPID is being properly controlled by medication.  If PPID is well-controlled these horses can live long healthy lives and will often pass due to unrelated issues.

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