Re: Request for Guidance for upcoming blood tests

Lavinia Fiscaletti

HI Heather,

The only test you can use during the fall for PPID is the ACTH - the TRH stim shouldn't be used, even if your vet could do it, as there are no adjusted seasonal ranges available to use as a guide.

For Storm, you could test her ACTH to see if it is coming back within the normal range on her current dose of pergolide. If it's too high, you know to raise the dose. Pergolide won't lower the ACTH too far, even if the dose is higher than is needed.
Has her trim been corrected since the last posted pix in her album? The issues were very similar to Riosa's, with the underrun heels and long toes, just not as severe. It would help if you would add the link to her second album on the Hoof sub-group to your signature:

The lameness in one foot, coming on very quickly is classic for an abscess, so that would be my first thought. Soaking, then wrapping the foot while damp with a drawing poultice would be the best way to try to encourage an abscess out.

Subject to correction by Dr. Kellon, for Riosa, her insulin and glucose are the most important numbers. As she tested normal ACTH last fall, retesting now probably won't tell you anything significant unless her numbers skyrocket - unlikely as she is already on pergolide.

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