Re: New, Overwhelmed, seeking help for my OTTB

Anna Dolly

Thanks, Kirsten, I guess this is why I'm here! I was under the distinct impression that early onset could be managed with diet. And fully admit I know nothing, just lots of input from well meaning friends.
I DO intend to get my hands on the labs/radiographs. The lab who offers the test is who offered it to the vet clinic for free (I think they got 3 spots and we were one of them), so I do not know if maybe it was new, for a study, or what. 
Babe's second abscess has started draining, but it's obvious that he's pretty sore from over three weeks of having to compensate for abscesses in two different feet. I haven't seen him lay down today, and there was a lot of that yesterday. He's standing slightly camped out and there's still considerable inflammation around the coronet band where the abscess blew.
I still want to visit with a vet not associated with that clinic, to see if I can get a better grasp on understanding the mess we've been in here.
I am still working on those data sheets.
Anna Dolly
Keyser, WV
Sept. 2020

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