V/M supplement/ diet help

Kristin Horton

I’m new to Cushings life and have not stopped reading. 18 yr old, OTTB, history of ulcers, non-healing scratches, super anxious, picky eater. Current diet: 1#Triple Crown 30, 1 cup Outlast (am and pm), succeed, U7, 1 cup Seminole DynaSport (flavor), 2#s AlfaLox (dessert), salt, 2000iu Vitamin e and Copper/Zinc.  Forage: access to grass (FL bahai)- typically only grazes in the AM, free choice Timothy hay and small amount of alfalfa. Prior to Cushings, he was on a high amount of alfalfa for ulcers. 1 week into Prascend (1tab). Since he has major anxiety, similar to panic attacks, locking him in a stall or dry lot would be terrible for him mentally- however he is not a grass hog and can come and go from his stall as he pleases. I have looked through the acceptable V/M supplements and trying to choose which would be best to replace the TC30. Trying to get a hay analysis however, it’s challenging here because I can’t store a large amount and it comes from different suppliers. Vermont Blend has salt, magnesium- but no vitamin A or Vitamin E. I have Vitamin e for my other horse, so adding that is not a big deal. Cal Trace plus- does not have salt or magnesium. MadBarn listed has added iron. Am I correct that I need magnesium, vitamin e and a and salt? So would it matter which one I choose- being I add the items? He does not like any hay pellets (dry or soaked), Hates beet pulp, So finding a carrier for the V/M may be a challenge. Can I still use the textured feed as a carrier, since it’s only a cup? Or sprinkle it on his AlfaLox? Or does this defeat the purpose of using a V/M supplement and maybe sticking to TC30 is best? I need to make small changes at a time, As he is super sensitive and gets upset easily, so trying to prioritize. Any advice is appreciated!! Thank you.
Kristin Horton, FL, 2020

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