Re: New Member - Bullitt Laminitis

Sarah Orlofske

Hello Sherry and others, 

I have gradually weaned Bullitt onto the #1 hay on the hay analysis in our case history. This had much lower ESC + starch than the "March" hay we were feeding with soaking, but even with soaking this #1 hay his symptoms for laminitis seem to be getting worse and he has developed hives even though he was on this hay in June and July before he had the laminitis and he had no issues with hives. I can't put him on the #2 hay which has the least amount of ESC+starch because the calcium ratio is way off and we are still desperately trying to figure out the mineral balancing. He has also started eating poop which is very concerning to us. Between the hives and the laminitis we are really struggling. There is nothing in his diet right now but soaked hay and the rest of the emergency diet because we are still trying to work out the mineral balancing. I don't know what to do about the hives because there is really nothing I feel comfortable leaving out from the emergency diet because it is already so minuscule in terms of nutrition and I feel like that is why he is eating poop. It seems like no matter what we do his situation is getting worse. Any input from the group would be welcome. 

Thank you, 

Sarah O. 
Rudolph, WI

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