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Hi Kristin, welcome!

As a TB, your horse is less likely to be IR at baseline than others, meaning if his PPID is well controlled, he probably won’t need as many restrictions to his diet.  You don’t mention any blood testing but I assume that has been done prior to your starting him on pergolide.  Please share the bloodwork values with us so we can comment more productively.

My horse, Logo, a WB with many years of PPID, never showed any indication of being IR, even when his PPID was less controlled than I liked.  He had issues with scratches which I treated with everything imaginable, even taking a plug for biopsy, which showed nothing unusual.  Once I started him on pergolide, that problem lessened dramatically, even becoming a guide as to whether or not I needed to increase his pergolide.

I tested my hay and a commercial blend similar to Vermont Blend, which had yet to be developed, was recommended as being close to perfect.  His continuing problems with hoof quality concerned me and eventually I switched to a custom supplement.  That switch made a remarkable difference in the quality of his hooves.  Vermont Blend does have added salt but, if I remember correctly, more salt is still indicated.  Do you know the source of your hay?  I often see truckloads of haying moving through here from Canada, going south. Knowing it’s source would help you to know what additives are needed.  You will find lots of members here have similar hay sourcing/testing issues to yours so do some creative searching of the messages.

I use TC balance cubes as carrier for additives but I do have some IR ponies which need their sugars and starches more controlled.  With Logo, who never showed any indication of being IR or having foot pain, I used a senior feed for years before I learned of the cubes.  The cubes contain a small amount of beet pulp as a binder so it might be good to locate a sample to try.

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