Re: Thoughts on laminitis episode for Canadian mare

Sherry Morse

Hi Pat,

Is she still out on pasture without a closed muzzle as well?  While it may not sound like much that half a pound a day plus however much grass she's eating can be very detrimental to her losing weight and recovering from her laminitis.  These horses really do need to be micromanaged to a large degree, particularly when starting on the road to recovery. I know it may sound like we're being nitpicky, it really is important to be very aware of how much food she's eating.

As far as the hoof pictures, I will defer to Lavinia on recommendations, but it would be helpful to know when these were taken in relation to when she was last trimmed.  Do you have any x-rays you can share?  She appears to have rather thin soles which could be contributing to her soreness - if she's more comfortable in boots she should be wearing them as much as possible.

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