Re: Bloodwork Help - PPID and IR

Rebecca and Joe

I was told this today by the local lab that ran the ACTH test:

" We test for ACTH on a machine called a Tosoh 360 AIA. It’s test methodology is Fluorescence Enzyme Immunoassay. We batch ACTH, Cortisol, and Insulin test weekly. We run them every Tuesday and Thursday. We tell our doctors and our outside veterinarians once the sample is drawn to please bring it to either of our hospital laboratories within the hour of the draw. Also to keep it cool while transporting to us. Once it arrives we immediately centrifuge the tube. It spins between 8-10 minutes. We then take a pipette and draw off the plasma.   Once the plasma is drawn out of the tube it is placed in a transfer tube. That tube is placed in the freezer and held until the following Tuesday or Thursday depending on what day the tube was turned in. Upon Tuesday or Thursday the laboratory technicians pull out the samples and they thaw at room temp. The laboratory technicians then calibrate and control our instrument. Once the sample is thawed it is ran immediately. "

Is this sufficient, or is it still better to request it be sent to Cornell?
Rebecca and Joe,  Lexington KY, 2020

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