Red has gone off his food,


I have had some issues with Red eating his food over the past few days, he is currently not laminitic, he'll have a nibble here and there of his hay, he seems to want to eat it but doesn't but if I take him out for a walk he'll snatch at the grass and eat that, he's having the same hay he's always had, soaked, I've even tried it unsoaked, I had the vet out Tuesday but all his vitals were normal, he has given me a tube of Ulcershield to give him which he's had 2 doses now, we are both suspecting ulcers, Red always presents as a mild colic when he has them which is what he's been like over the past few days, I've desperately been trying to get some food in to him so he doesn't end up with colic, I'm not sure what else I can do, he'll eat grass no problems but he can't have it, he's not a happy chappy, quite a bit of tail swishing going on and you can tell he's not happy by the expression on his face, does anyone have any suggestions?
November 2018-Red, Poppet
Tasmania, Australia

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