Re: New Member - Bullitt Laminitis

Sarah Orlofske

Hello Kristen and others, 

Thank you for the kind and supportive email. I appreciate it. This has been confusing and overwhelming. We have had two different vets working with us and each contradicts the other and the information on this website. We are so limited here with vets that we don't want to alienate anyone. It has been very challenging on top of our financial issues. I want to get through this crisis and then have the information for how best to move forward. It is just a lot to do all at once. We really are trying to do our best. I hope the Uckele U balance will help address the diet issues along with continuing to soak the hay. 

I uploaded hoof photos from today. I tried to clean them the best I could, but he is still pretty sore and not very cooperative. I know that they look very different to me than his non-laminitis state. I have tried to follow the instructions for labeling and posting the photos to the photo album, but what do I do next to get the assessment? What do I do once I have it? Our farrier is coming Monday (Sept 21). I am just not sure where to go from here. This is my first time dealing with any sort of laminitis. 

Thank you again for your help. 
Sarah O. 
Rudolph, WI

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