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Anna Dolly

good morning, y'all,
I *think* I have done what I am supposed to with Babe's Case History file. Hyperlinks in the case history form didn't work for me, so I searched for the how tos and please forgive me if I missed dotting an i or crossing a t.

We started a half dose of pergolide 2 days ago and are to recheck in 30 days. I am still questioning whether Babe has even a mild case of Cushings or not, and whether the season, combined with the pain of two really nice abscesses in the last month could have driven up his cortisol levels? 

The second of the abscesses has started to drain and I just now realized I forgot to include the pain meds in my case history- he had been on bute, now they have him on Equioxx.

Babe has seen two different vets from the same clinic, and a third is calling the shots. I really like one of the vets who came out- however, she is new, young and defers to the third vet due to seniority. The third vet is who I have typically seen for Babe's care in the past few years and nearly always leaves me with questions I can't get her to answer clearly. I am in a remote area and do not have another clinic within range to consult with, so I am left to flesh out answers on my own, much of the time. 

I am by no means saying they are wrong. I am simply saying I cannot seem to get straight answers to my questions, and there is a history of this with my housepets and this clinic, as well. I do not need every scientific study out there, but I do want to see the picture I'm dealing with clearly enough to make sound decisions.
They've refused to check for Lyme and that baffles me. We live in the mountains in the woods. Actually, the young vet agreed to, and then the third one said, "no".

I had hoped I'd found another equine vet out of VA, but she is just a little too far away to include me in her circle. She did, however, visit with me for a few minutes, which I appreciate. She indicated that she didn't think Babe's ACTH was out of line for this time of year, but that we're generally on the right track. She recommended checking TRH in January, so I will request that when the time comes.

So here I am, hoping that y'all can help educate me. I have not read up on it, but I gather that pergolide is designed to reduce cortisol levels?
Anna Dolly
Keyser, WV
Sept. 2020
Babe's Case History

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