Re: New Cryto Areo Supplement, thoughts???

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Nina, I am fortunate that my horse has not been diagnosed with PPID so I can't speak from experience about sweating (was your question directed at me?).  But Martha, Dawn, Sherry, and so many others have been through PPID with their horses and can help with those questions.  There are many things that clear up or improve once we get our IR and PPID horses back to health.  The most remarkable for me was Shaku's goopy eyes clearing up....he has had many positive changes since we started our journey but this was something I thought was just normal for him, blue eyes being sensitive to light and all, but apparently it was also tied to his IR and it was the last thing to improve.  Even after his fat pads started to get smaller his eyes remained goopy, until I got his already low sugar hay soaked down to a ridiculously low ESC, and the goop went away overnight.  I'm still marveling at this last transformation.

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