Re: Still Seeking Answers about where we're at

Anna Dolly

thanks, ma'am,
the hay is brome that's grown locally, yes. Babe is a rich shade of bay, no sunbleaching to speak of since we moved to the mountains, his coloring has already started to change to winter color, it looks like.
I visited with the farrier yesterday and he'll be out as soon as he can get us scheduled. He said the same thing you did about no trimming, basically. He's looked at him twice during this mess.
He's feeling much better today, came down for breakfast and lunch for the first time in two weeks, so I'm pretty excited about that- no limping at all. Not running, which is probably wise, but no hesitation in his motion and that's such a relief to see.
I honestly had no idea that antibiotics and/or NSAIDS could slow down an abscess reaching it's culmination, but I can say that he's never had any last THIS long, and never more than one at a time, before, and this time he was on both antibiotics (for a week) and NSAIDS for a few weeks.

Anna Dolly
Keyser, WV
Sept. 2020
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