Shomee passed this morning

Kim Rice

Hi Group,

It is with a heavy heart I tell you that my 23 1/2 year old Missouri Fox Trotter Shomee passed this morning.  We have been together for 19 1/2 years and he was such a funny, warm, inquisitive guy and helped other young horses learn the ropes out on the trails.

He was in extreme pain yesterday and was rushed to UC Davis.  He arrived doctor said it is a 50/50 chance and I said to go to surgery where the doctor said if it had been later there would have been no saving him. 

His secum and small intestines were twisted, compressed and bruised.  They were able to untwist them, decompress and put in the right spots.

He was doing well until 5:30 this morning and looked uncomfortable.  They did lots of blood work on him and he was going downhill.  

Talked with the doctor at 8:00 and she went back in and called about 9:20 and said that the secum was sending toxins and blood clots into the intestines; that can't remove the secum and if we did a resection, the secum would still be there toxic.  She said the prognosis for a good outcome wasn't really good and that I did everything I could for him.  So, he is over the rainbow bridge with my Lacee Nine Clouds and his other friends.

My question for Dr. Kellon is, do we save the pancreas and biopsy and send in the results for science?  Is there anything else we should look at?

I know it is alot but with him there at a teaching university and I have done so much for this wonderful steed, I want to know everything we can for PPID and IR  and laminitic horses.  

I'll update his case history soon but not right now.

Thank you,

Kim R, Lafayette, CA  2019

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