Advice on recommended protein percentages in Hay

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I'm having a tough time securing low sugar hay, our local supplier ran out due to delays from the forest fires in Washington State, I'm on Vancouver Island.  Every time I switch hay (even to a comparable analysis & with a slow transition) it causes a flareup, puffy coronet bands, warm feet, tender soles...  I've just found a local supplier of local hay with great ESC + Starch numbers who has larger quantities and will store for me so I can finally get a mineral balancing done as well.  However, the lowest protein in the various low sugar hays she has is 12.84 and they go up from there, that particular cut is Starch 1.88 and ESC 6.80.  So, is 12.84 ok for the Dry Matter crude protein percentage or is it too high?  I've been feeding lower, closer to 10...

My case file is outdated, just updating now and will upload with images of feet, and latest xrays.  My vet said that she's got about 3-4 mares in her practice that are having a hard time with getting their insulin numbers lowered as my mare is though I'm feeding her very carefully and according to ECIR recommendations.  Last insulin reading was 232 (she started at 286, went down to 203 then 232) this was fairly soon after an accidental hay change...

Thank you!
Shannon M in BC 2019

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