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Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Allison,

You could ask your vet to contact mine for more info on the cryotherapy.  I will private message her name and the name of her clinic to you to share with him, she is also a member here but probably has not seen your post.  It is definitely a veterinary procedure because sedation and pain control is needed but having watched the process several times it does not appear to be complicated.  The first time she did it we trailered to her (6hrs away), and spent 2 nights there so she could do a full sedation.  After that she said she was comfortable trying it at our home without laying him out on the ground if I could source the liquid N, so now she does it on her bi-annual visit to our area.

Movement always helped my boy's swollen sheath, too.  I think have a photo of it at it's worst in our album.  It was so swollen he was having trouble peeing.

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