cabergoline and seasonal rise

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-- The rule of thumb for pergolide effects is 3 weeks but there is some evidence that increases in dosage made during the seasonal rise may not show effects on ACTH until after the rise is over.

i want to be done with cabergoline.I don’t like that it cost me $10 a day, I don’t like that jesse gets a veil for a day, even though it’s minor, and I also don’t like that jesse is much more agitated with the injections

My goal was to test his levels this Friday, as I have increased his cabergoline  to 2.5 ML and changed every 10 days for some time ( 3 weeks). My thought was that if his levels were not in a good range I would immediately switch over to cp 20 mg.

 So, my confusion is should I even bother testing on Friday for levels, or should I just wait until December and bite the bullet and spend more for Cabergoline  until it’s time for the rise over to change back to compounded pergolide.?

Before reading this post, my thought was I would immediately change over if the levels were not being controlled now. I know this is unchartered territory’s so I would appreciate your thoughts and reasoning etc. so I can make a correct decision. Thank you

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