Re: Need Advice ASAP -- PPID/IR Horse Won't Walk


Thank you Dr. Kellon. I appreciate your words.

I posted the latest radiographs from yesterday in my photo album. I would love to hear your thoughts because he has definitely gotten worse. The changes are pretty drastic from just two months ago. I don't know what could have caused such a change. He has gotten rambunctious a couple of times and was running and turning quite a bit when a new neighbor brought in his horses. The other change was the migration to TC Safe Starch which I originally thought would be better than the untested, unsoaked Bermuda. If his PPID/IR is not yet controlled, could that lead to the significant rotation change? The only other thing I can think of is my barefoot trimmer had a death in the family and he didn't come for over eight weeks. I tried unsuccessfully to find another competent barefoot trimmer. So Aspen had quite a long time between trims.

I ordered the Bute alternatives you suggested. Do I give them both at the same time, or one during acute phase and the other for maintenance, or is it one or the other? Are these supplements in addition to other supplements I may start to give? I noticed similar ingredients.

I had my regular vet out today for bloodwork. She wants to wait for these results before she provides a prognosis. She wants to see if he's responding to the Prascend. She doesn't believe there's a fracture, but she is concerned about the gas streaks running parallel to the hoof wall. She believes his pain is more a result of serious rotation rather than an abscess. She wants to come every other day this week to administer DMSO for pain, on top of the 2 grams twice per day of Bute. She says we need to get the inflammation down.

I'm back to feeding the Bermuda rather than the TC Safe Starch. I tried soaking again, but he picks at it and leaves most of it in his feeder. The vet thinks it's more important to get him eating. In this situation, what else should I be adding to his diet? A ration balancer?

He is due for a trim next week, but vet said not to do it. Since Aspen can't stand on his left foot, this makes sense. I hope a longer trimming cycle will not adversely affect his healing?

Someone referred me to laser therapy for laminitis. I asked my vet and she referred me to a DVM who provides this treatment. My vet had no knowledge of this therapy and could not provide any insights or recommendations. Do you think this is a treatment worth pursuing?

So...I need to finalize a diet, get further input on his radiographs in terms of what we're dealing with, determine any changes to his Prascend dosage based on bloodwork results, and plot the best course of action in terms of his treatment to get over this acute phase and then get him on a solid maintenance plan.

As always, your input, as well as the advice of everyone else in this group, is so much appreciated. Thank you for all you do!
Susan C in Central AZ, July 2020

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