Re: Need Advice ASAP -- PPID/IR Horse Won't Walk

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

 No evidence of fracture.

VERY IMPORTANT:  There is no change in the  degree of true rotation. True, aka bony, rotation is when the coffiin bone is out of alignment with the the bones above it. There is slight true rotation that hasn't changed.  What has changed is called  capsular rotation which can be fixed with trimming. A laminar wedge has formed which increased the size of the horn lamellar zone -   the distance from the edge of the coffin bone out to the hoof wall.  Because of the weak connections and  formation of the  wedge, the hoof wall has been forced away from the bone and each step is putting lever forces on the wall and forcing it further out. The long toe is also preventing development of any concavity and contributing to the  bone loss in the coffin bone.

Those "gas streaks" are pockets in the lamellar wedge.  Very common. They can be air, old blood or infection.

 Imagine your fingertip is a hoof. If the nail is longer than the tip of the finger itself, when you stand it on end and "walk" on it  the nail is forced away from the finger.

 When you can get a full set of hoof photos up Lavinia can do mark ups. Getting the trim corrected needs to be added to the top of your To Do list.

Use the emergency diet supplements. Do you know where your hay was grown? If it is irrigated hay there is a significant risk of high nitrate levels. Fortunately these can be lowered significantly with soaking.  Try finding some high quality, fragrant alfalfa pellets and throw a handful in with your soaking water to see if it improves the appeal of the hay. You can also make alfalfa "tea" by soaking pellets in boiling hot water then filter after cooling.  Spray that on the soaked hay. Another option is to sprinkle on salt or red beet powder - "beet root powder" here,DESC .

As for bute alternatives, go with Phyto Quench pellets only for now. No Jiaogulan until trim is fixed and he's on a tight trim schedule.

Eleanor in PA 
EC Owner 2001

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