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Anna Dolly

Thank you, ladies!

I do not know what APF is. The vet had me start Babe on a half tab of pergolide (.o5 mg) daily. I have not given it for 2 days because I've been worried about his behavior and waiting for answers. Is it advisable to start with half of that and build up? If so, how long for building up to the half dose? They just said give him half a tab daily and we retest in 30 days. How long does the adjustment period from no meds to on meds generally take? 
I used the word 'droopy' but in thinking on it, that wasn't quite the right word. He just has a different look and air to him- not depressed, but sort of vacant? Just not quite hmself- less alert. That might not be quite the right word, either, but I can't grab what really is, right now.

Does the TRH give a more well-rounded picture, or is it just not necessary if a horse has been diagnosed with PPID?

I have been given no real reason not to test for Lyme, and this same senior vet didn't want to run one 2 years ago, either. I acquiesced that time, but this time I have asked repeatedly for an explanation and not gotten a satisfactory answer. If there were indicators in a CBC for Lyme, why would one need a Lyme test, other than to verify? It has never made sense to me, either, I do not understand her aversion to testing for it. The younger vet agreed to run it, but then consulted with her and deferred to her judgment.  I'm in the panhandle of WV, in the mountains, in the woods.

I have so much to learn- I thought laminitis was absolutely an inflammation issue! I mean, I understand that it's more than that, but I was under the impression that the inflammation was what led to the other problems with it.

His test was run fasting because they were' testing other things, as well'. They did not elaborate- I don't know what test they needed him fasting for...that's all they told me. This is much of my frustration with this clinic, I cannot get full explanations. There is not another equine vet locally, at least not one that anyone would recommend (many don't recommend this clinic, either).

We did have a rather sudden dip in temps. They're back up and gradually declining, now. I do blanket as needed, and understand how the horse 'fluffs up' to trap warm air to keep himself warm. The days he was shivering, I tossed his fly sheet over him while he ate, and then he seemed to be okay, it had warmed up a degree or two and he had food in his belly (warm mash). They always have hay available. For the first time, I've ordered lightweight blankets, because we seem to have a lot of days that wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't raining, but add the rain and I have wet, chilly horses. I've wanted to get them for some time, but just had med. weight and fleece coolers to put under them when I needed heavyweight. He's a hard enough keeper that I don't let him shiver for long. My Appaloosa could lose a pound or 50 and be okay, but he gets blanketed when Babe does because otherwise he'll tear at Babe's. Little brother wants what big brother has. lol

His heaves is largely under control and has been for almost a year and a half. Prior to that, he went two years with it not under control while we tried to find what would work. Aliera is expensive, but it's a Godsend, too. His 'bad' days don't involve wheezing, but do involve increased respirations, and those are typically hot days, which we don't have many of here. 

thank you so much for y'all's responses!

Anna Dolly
Keyser, WV
Sept. 2020
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