Re: Questions about Babe on pergolide

Anna Dolly

Thank you, Martha :)

 I maybe should have done more reading before I asked more questions, but I'm sort of glad I did ask anyway, because you broke it down for me even further, which I appreciate.  We live just outside a town of 5K- which means there are a few small animal vets around the surrounding area, but to get a large animal vet that knows horses (a cow vet is easier to find) is like the proverbial needle in a haystack. I do think these two are personable and knowledgeable, they just don't share information so well- much of my unease could have been prevented with a couple of comprehensive conversations, I think.

I looked at the ginseng option, but that seems overwhelming to sort out right now, so I think I'll just go with the APF. The company prices are pretty close to the same as Valley Vet or Smartkpak, thank you.

We will start small and build his dose to where they want it, and maybe he won't look so spaced out. I'm eager to have the farrier out. He's 45 minutes away, so scheduling is not always instantaneous. I was spoiled in South Texas- close to everyone and the barn owner had a trailer. Here, we have no trailer, but the horses are right outside my door :). I'm just not a fan of winter and frequent mud!
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Sept. 2020
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