Re: Questions about Babe on pergolide

Anna Dolly

Thanks, Martha, 
and boy, I can relate! lol

Babe was ouchy enough still when we started the pergolide that I didn't notice his demeanor changing right away, whereas if he hadn't been, I'd have definitely seen something different, if that makes sense?  This is day three without it and I did notice yesterday that he was brighter. He was on it for 9 days, and when I get the APF, I'll start him back on it at the 1/8 tab dosage.
I appreciate having folks here to bounce things off of when this has all been stressful and scary and I haven't really gotten satisfactory answers from the very people I'm actually paying to provide them. I asked the farrier and he doesn't know any other horse vets in the area. He is who recommended the lady who wouldn't come this far. The only other one I know of is just as far away as she is.

Anna Dolly
Keyser, WV
Sept. 2020
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