feed ?


good day 
i know grain is bad my horses are very picky 
they dont like the things i have tried 
money is a concern since i now have 3 with cushings 
question is nutrena that bad ?? special care 
it is affordable 
i got one on their senior feed by nutrene  and one pill per day he is doing well;  drops weight in the winter;  they can get harsh here !
my 2 mares both cushings and one is IR as well and lame right now another story for that however 
anyways they get a can the size of a regular can of corn 
i do not want them miserable and i want them to have a life and we do try and do anything we can
but now using 3 and half pills per day and many feeds I cannot get around here I could special order   again money concerns   
My gelding is not heavy or thin he is good as i mentioned knock on wood !!!! mares are heavy and exercising not an option now both sore and i am out of town working alot but my mom is home and knows as much as i do 
one of my main questions for now is that feed that horrible in that amount ???
i unfortunely probably know the answer .....i have tried to add and remove the mares grain with wet timothy pellets and they eat some barely  but i must use something for supplements and their meds etc   

any suggestions is welcome 
thank you 
Koal, Sandi and Kia 

Renee SD 2020

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