Re: Life Span of PPID horse

Deb Walker

Bobbie - Scotty is estimated to be around 40 (we have no records, this is by equine dentist, vets, and UW-Madison vet school.)

I have owned him for 17 years, and was told he was much younger than what he actually is. One acquaintance who saw him after I purchased him immediately said the word *Cushings* out loud. I of course had never heard of it, and once I researched it, I took offense that she would have said that about my beautiful boy. Needless to say, he had always had some issues...overweight, diagnosed Insulin Resistant in 2005, on off minor laminitis 2006-2018 which was always caught early and never progressed until his horrible episode in 2017 which took over a year for him to recover, and we won't even discuss the $$. He has been on Pergolide since May 2017, and is now up to 5mg.

I think Frances C hit the nail on the head. Is your horse your best friend, companion, joy of your heart? Or is he used for other purposes that are no longer possible to continue after a certain age and diagnosis? I chose the hard route because Scotty is Option 1 and even though he was in pain, he showed absolutely no signs of giving up. I don't believe I know a single horse friend (except many people on this board) who would be willing to go to the full extent of work and expense required to manage our "babies." I would warn's a lot...but Scotty probably had borderline PPID before starting Pergolide, and he almost always had Insulin/Glucose ratios that were not good. But if he made it to 40'ish, and still goes on walks (of course with boots), and can be seen throwing out a couple of bucks or tiny rears in his dry lot, then I say phooey to anyone putting a time line on his life :)

Deb and Scotty I/R, PPID
Pecatonica Illinois, May 13, 2019
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