Re: Cabergoline not working? Input from Dr. Kellon, please.

Angelika Busi

Hi Dr. Kellon,

I am sorry that I am answering you so late, but it took me awhile to absorb and think about that last option.
Thank you for your clarification about oral bromocriptine. I had checked out your links and they were talking about injections for use on horses. I appreciate all that detailed input. 

Cost-wise, bromocriptine is about as much as the needed compounded pergolide for her, especially since I will have to raise the dose she was on. However, pergolide only needs to be administered once a day and the bromocriptine option requires pills given twice a day. As much as my heart tells me to try out this drug to give Qiqi a better chance, I am not sure I can do this at this time. My horses are boarded about a 30 minutes’ drive from my house and Qiqi has learned how to avoid capsules, pills, and powder that she doesn’t like. I found that if I want her to really swallow her medication, I have to administer it myself. Barn staff hasn’t been reliable with this. They’ll give it to the horse if requested, but they don’t pay attention if the horse really eats it, especially, when it is a daily issue. 

I can’t make a barn trip twice daily, because I have my own health issues and the Illinois’ winter, with sometimes terrible road conditions, is quickly approaching. For that reason, I am putting Qiqi for now back on compounded pergolide, but will keep the information about bromocriptine in the back of my mind. 

Thank you so much for being available when needed!

Angelika and Qiqi & Apollo
NE Illinois
September 15

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