Re: Questions about Babe on pergolide- Now What is ACTH, actually?


Ferne, The video is in the middle of that page. its a visual illustration of the structures in the pituatary and the hypothalamus, what they do, what goes wrong in PPID and then how pergolide substitutes for the dopamine that is missing to block off the dopamine receptors. It's an elementary but quite good depiction of what exactly happens in an PPID affected horse. It's worthwhile to have as a teaching tool.
Just today, I had someone on another list I belong ask about her horse having high insulin and what to do about it, ( horse was immediately given Thyro L by vet) and someone else told her to give the horse pergolide.  Of course I directed her here so she can learn more than I or anyone else could possibly tell her in posts. 
There is zero wrong with Prascend's ability to control ACTH. What the problem with it is that it is in tablet form, the most difficult form of meds to give a horse, and it's expensive, which makes using it in sufficient amounts difficult if not impossible for the average horse owner. New members here should not be confused that Prascend is somehow not safe or effective for their horse.
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