Re: Questions about Babe on pergolide- Now What is ACTH, actually?

Anna Dolly

Thanks, everyone, for your replies!
Ferne, it may have been a sales pitch, but still explained the mechanism of pergolide pretty well for me.

I received the APF yesterday and we started Babe on the pergolide again. I had intended to start with 1/8 dose and work my way up to the 1/2 dose they want him on. 
I've been pretty ill and wasn't thinking clearly, so we started him at 1/4 dose. Still milder than the 1/2, but wasn't my intention. I dissolved the whole tablet in a known amount of water in a syringe and gave him 1/4 of it. 

We were at 60 degrees with solid all-day-long rain yesterday (we're in the mountains, so somewhat elevated). He came down shivering, so I put his raincoat on him and he was happy to have it. My chunky little Appaloosa got his on, too, even though he didn't really need it for warmth, but because he's not appreciative of standing in chilly rain. He was happy as a clam. Plus, if I do something for Babe, and Boomer misses out, there's a jealousy factor at play. lol

Farrier comes this evening to rasp his toes. He's a LOT more comfortable than he was, I don't think he's in any pain at all at this point, but he's not running laps yet, either.
I'm sincerely grateful to my friend who pointed me at this group and to all here who participate and offer their knowledge and time!
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Sept. 2020
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