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Hi Kathie,
I wrote this last night but somehow it didn’t get sent.  I wanted to add that I’ve read that hoof testing doesn’t always tell the whole story.  It’s hard to get enough pressure to equal the weight of the horse standing on that foot and it’s easier to locate sensitivity in the toe than in the heel, the reason I asked about more Xrays, if possible.

I had a similar concern about the bloodwork as Helen, Kathie.  Could you photograph the blood results and post them in your photo album?  I know the CH has been a bugaboo but haven’t you had better luck with the photos?  Or, if you use a photo sharing site, you could post a link to it here.  Are you using the same device to communicate with us here that you used when attempting to post a case history?  

Without knowing the lab ranges for the lab your vet used, it’s difficult to interpret them.  It’s also important to know whether or not she was fasted.
It sounds like many things are going quite well.  Have you invested in any xrays recently?  

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