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Jennifer Murphy

I just spoke with my vet and she is ready to discuss switching to Invokana.  Dr. Kellon, you had emailed the information to her but she was skeptical of using it for some reason.  She had wanted to go with Velagliflozin instead, but I read as much as I could find about that on this site and it doesn't seem like it's the best option.  We also tried to get enough blood drawn to send to both testing labs the last two times, but getting blood from this little mule is an absolute nightmare.  We're lucky if we can draw enough for one lab sample, and it usually takes two or three needles and a dozen tries to find the vein.  These mules know just how to tighten their neck muscles to make it an extreme challenge!

I'll get some body shots today if I can, and we're actually scheduled to do updated radiographs in a few weeks.  There is a differing opinion between the two vets as to whether he is suffering from contracted tendons.  The specialist vet wants to do a tenotomy on both front legs, and my regular vet is absolutely opposed.

So if we go the Invokana route, can I wait to do the blood panels the same day as the radiographs, or is time of the essence in this case?  I don't want to change the date for radiographs as it coordinates with my next farrier appointment, so she can trim according to the radiographs as they're taken.  We've done this before and it's very helpful for the farrier.

Jennifer in NH

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