Thyro-L temporary - add Equioxx?

Shevawn Romine

Cassie was prescribed Thyro-L for weight loss by vet (after muzzling ,   change in hay,   tested hay,   reduced hay did not result in much weight loss or reduction in fat pads.    It did reduce weight a bit.    On a recent vet visit,   they advised to stay on it and add Equioxx for inflammation and rotation in the feet.  Two questions from this,   I just read very good vet industry paper on managing laminitis that stated that Thryo-L should only be temporary,  then stopped.   But it didn't say why.   Is there harm,   as I just assumed if it helped keep weight down then could be forever.    (No, thyroid test didn't test low).     Also,   I didn't start equioxx as had seen it recommended for chronic foot soreness.   
Cassie and Shevawn
03/2015   Gordon, TX
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