Re: Target's trim

Lorna Cane

. Hi Kathie,

You said, "Vet came out  Sept 23 and hoof tested her and she didn't react at all, yet she limps when walking on it. I have trouble lifting the RF yet she will lift the LF and stand on her RF. "

Is it possible the pain is coming from further up ? Shoulder, maybe ?
Has the vet checked that out, or do you have any reason to think this is possible?

Just trying to brainstorm.

I know about your CH dilemma. But can you tell us what device you are using to try to get it up? And tell us the steps you do manage to get through before you get stuck?
One step at a time might give us an aha moment,yes ?
Agree with everyone that it's just so vital to see the whole picture in one place,in order to get  Target  the very best help .

Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario
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