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The product I'm using from Platinum Performance is not a Rx. It's a supplement. Dr. Kellon felt the product contained way too little Thymus extract to affect but possibly the DHA amount was what was working.  I really don't know much about Thymus extract, which was why I asked the question about it, (yes, give my horse something and then ask if the ingredients had research, LOL. Not my usual modus operandi but this mare was tearing herself up and my vet had run out of suggestions. We were not going to put her on steroids) . I tried this product because what I was using at the time was only giving me a 50% improvement in symptoms. It may not do anything at all for your horse, but I feel at least it would be safe to try. The worst that would happen is you would be out $$. Which all of us on here have done to one extent or the other. 

I would suggest rather than trying a human product , try something that is at least made and marketed by a company that has a lot of experience with horses.  I trust Platinum Performance as it was started by veterinarians and continues to owned and managed by vets . I also would trust Uckele but I cannot find a product with calf thymus extract in it for horses anymore on their site. I know they used to have one. They have a human product with thymus extract as an immune system supplement, but it is on back order according to the site until Oct 15. I have zero affiliation with either company, I'm just a long time customer( 30 years with Uckele). 

Sometimes on here members will recommend something they used that worked on their horse, but we don't have research on it.  As long as members state the circumstances as to how it worked for their horse and that it's not a fact it's effective but anecdotal for that individual, they will bring it up as I did here. 
If you want to try the Platinum Performance Skin and Allergy, it's in their online store to order directly from.

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