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Target was not fasted, had been fed her normal ration. We did x rays Aug 4, Sept 1 and will do more Oct 9. I have copies of them and tried to send them to Dr. Kellon, but didn't hear anything back so don't think she got them. I am not able to post photos or x rays to the case history and don't even know what a photo sharing sight is. Sorry, I am so not able to do much on the computer. I know I would be able to get more help for Target if I could use the computer better. The only thing I can see as an improvement is that Target is still alive. She is interested in things around her, nickers whenever you go near. If I happen to leave her gate open she finds it and will walk out to try to eat grass, same if the gate is open into her daughter's paddock. I just need to understand what I can do to help her, I have tried so many different things. My old vet gave up and said to put her down, think of her quality of life etc. etc. She then passed over care to Dr. Bettina. I am determined to help Target, just don't know what else to do. The farrier still thinks the clogs will help, but so far they have not. At $300.00 a set it is getting quite expensive to keep putting them on, only to have to remove them the next day because she is more sore. I know the trim is important and we are trying to get it right. There has just not been enough foot to work with. The trimmer for 2019 kapt taking toe, wall and quarters and leaving the heels, turning her into a club footed horse. We have have to wait until she gets some growth to work with, and that takes time. This is the start of the 6th month with the new vet and farrier. It is all so frustrating.
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