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LJ Friedman

Jesse's labs have improved..  , after 3 cycles of cabergoline at 2.5ml q 10 days.  ( will post to ch) Labs were taken at day 6 of the 10 day interval.

acth   55.0     9-35
insulin 36.88    10-40
glucose  96     71-122

High nitrates still show..   though I think??? the color  change has been less of a dramatic shift??  

So, what to do next?  Paying $10   a day for 2.5ml q 10 is high..  also, some appetite veil, not a large issue,, and some reluctance to being injected. also not a large issue.  I can return to 20 mg cp at aprox half the cost and hopefully eliminate the veil and injection displeasure.

I have 2.0ml remaining.. I was considering to use the 2.0 ml at day 10 and start 20 mg cp , how many days after I give the 2.0ml?  ( will use apf for several days) I can also  use 2.5ml /q10 days forever... but dont want to..  current thoughts /options based on these labs?  thanks..

Jesse is very happy and engaged and well clipped with this summer heat. 

LJ Friedman  Nov 2014 Vista,   Northern  San Diego, CA

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