Re: Vet visit and treats?

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Pat, good to hear she's at her new barn!

Any chance you could go visit her early Saturday am and give her your hay yourself at 6 am?  We do recommend feeding at least 4 hrs in advance of bloodwork if they tend to run out of hay overnight.  Even if she's done eating before the blood pull, her insulin will still be elevated in her blood in that 4 hrs.  We also recommend sending blood to U Guelph over Idexx if you have a choice.

I think a few Timothy pellets would be ok as hand treats but putting a cup's worth in a ball is past the point of hand treats.  Have you tried the Ontario Dehy Timothy Complete hay cubes?  They are tested and guaranteed to be less than 10% ESC+starch, and I use them in a ball for my horse, he gets 2 cups of them a day.  Of course he is now an expert at getting them out, but there's usually 1 or 2 he just can't get out and he'll go back and try repeatedly to get them out if he's bored.   I would see what her blood work shows first and then you can decide how strict you are going to be about diet.

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