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To my knowledge the only Triple Crown Feed that is safe for an IR equine is the TC Naturals Timothy Balance Cubes. They are actually the same as the Ontario Dehy Timothy Balance Cubes. They are definitely a safe low sugar/starch feed. They would be affordable for a mini. You can put them into a bucket, poor hot water onto the cubes, just enough to cover the cubes then lid the bucket. They will expand nicely and are easy for any horse to eat. When I used them I set up the PM bucket to "fluff" in the morning and in the evening I set up the next  AM feed. I also didn't quite cover the cubes with water. I poured in the hot water to  not quite cover the cubes, put the tight lid on and shook the contents a bit. By the next meal the cubes were expanded out and NOT soggy. My horse didn't care for wet feed.
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