Re: TRH Stimulation Results

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Emma,

Thanks for adding the most recent trim pix.

Tom's toes are getting longer out ahead of where they need to be, some flaring is increasing and his heels are running further under. It appears as if the trimming is concentrated on the bottom of the feet rather than on bringing the flaring inward and backing up the toes in the horizontal plane. I totally agree there is nothing available to take off the bottom of these feet but there is quite a bit that needs adjusting around the perimeter.

Definitely would advise against trying to peripheral load him as that is the exact opposite of what he needs and will only lead to further strain on his already compromised laminar connections. Have a read here for more info:

Putting him in boots and pads is an excellent idea. You may need to experiment with pads to fins what he finds most comfortable. The most important thing is going to be to get his trim optimized.

Are you feeding the Pro Laminae or the Pro Laminae + product?

Although his adiponectin levels suggest he is prone to EMS, his current insulin/glucose levels don't show he has developed any issues yet. Keeping him on an IR appropriate diet should help him to maintain that status.

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